Clear Quartz Crystal

I love to use this fun little deck of crystal cards at the beginning of the month, or the year, or the season to guide me a bit on where I need to focus.

Just the other day on New Year’s Day, I pulled out my regular oracle cards as well as my crystal cards. I had chosen the word “REFINEMENT” as my focus and intention for this year. You can imagine my happiness when I pulled the Clear Quartz Gemstone card for this year.

This crystal is all about clarity, light, reflection, and amplification. The Clear Quartz crystal healing properties allow anyone connected to the stone to become as clear as their crystal. Ummm…that would be exactly like refinement? Refining that which is already amazing and polishing it off to glisten even brighter! Whether you are manifesting your wildest dreams, making decisions, or simply clearing out your mindset, a Clear Quartz crystal is an essential. 

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