Stop Circling the Mountain

Are you one of those people who can never stick to anything? A diet, a habit, or even a job? A good way to change that is to first notice it, second ask your why and then choose to do different.

For years I circled the mountain of wanting to lose weight. Then the mountain was to become a yoga teacher, and later to teach full time. I’ve also circled the mountain in helping others find natural ways to empower their health.

The moment I decided to stop the circling and start climbing, my life has been better. I am aligned with the vision for myself and my life, and I’m helping others become the best version of who they are.

If you’re exhausted from circling, let’s connect. I have some amazing strategies for losing weight, finding your purpose, changing your mindset, learning the power of gratitude and much more.

Let’s do this!

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