Choosing Service

I used to be a person that would shy away from sales type things, and then I got it.

My lightbulb moment came when I realized I would rather buy a product that I LOVED and used anyway, AND that would help out a friend who was choosing to work from home, help support their family, raise kids alone or whatever the reason, rather than from Walmart or Walgreens where there is no personal connection and questionable purity. Direct sales simply means the company sends directly to the customer rather than putting on a shelf where the stores get a portion of the profit.

So, I ask you would you rather trust a big box or a nice lady like me? I know I don’t need a reason to help others and that my soul purpose truly is service, but IF you choose to go the natural route–or invite a friend to connect with me–you can know I will do it with all my heart and you will be helping out this ol gal.

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