Crystals and Essential Oils

A few of my favorite things in the world include the use of essential oils to bring harmony and balance to our energy. For many years I have been mixing essential oils with crystals and the effects are amazing.

Did you know that the vibration of essential oils and crystals connect with our energy, or vibe? Pretty cool, huh? I use this blend all the time because I am a yoga teacher and need to effectively and clearly speak, plus it is incredibly helpful when needing to communicate with the people in our life through the voice of reason instead of reactivity.

If you are curious about how I blend oils with crystals, check out this gorgeous ebook to is a guide to balancing the chakras using gemstones and essential oils. It is packed with information to guide you, plus I am always offering online learning within my community.

If you would like to link arms with me and join my tribe, I would love to make you a custom blend with crystals as my gift.

Plus, I’m throwing in free oils with qualifying starter kit! I know we all have pals or family that could benefit from the oils so feel free to pass this along to them as well. Share the love!

Who is ready? My favorite starter kits can be found here. Once you place your order I will start creating a custom blend with gems just for YOU!

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