Online Yoga

My yoga videos aren’t the best there is.

They aren’t made with the top cameras or super amazing equipment but I also think that is why they are so great.

My videos are real. I run out of breath during practice, I stumble and have to steady myself, and I have to pause often. Maybe that makes it so that I am relatable to my audience, right?

Any honestly, the fact that I am getting really uncomfortable and really vulnerable is a huge accomplishment! I have always said I couldn’t do videos because I’m not nearly as good as any of the other superstar online yoga teachers. But I realized that I don’t need to be amazing, I just need to be real!

And I need to keep growing everyday! One day I will look back on today and think, man I’m so glad I started! Look at me now!

If you’d like access to my online library that is growing everyday, I would love to practice with you. Shoot me a message.

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