Why I Chose doTERRA

Simple. 1. No one can match our purity and quality. Period.

2. We are a science based company, leading the essential oil industry to new standards.

3. We are the only oil company to be backed by hospitals and medical professionals.

4. We continually show our transparency through our SourceToYou site and well researched documentation. How amazing!?

5. We implement sustainable, global practices to work with 46+ countries that produce the plants for our oils.

6. Doterra has almost 100% control of their sourcing locations. This means no other company can claim to use the same materials or crops.

7. We have a team of researchers, brilliant minds, and medical professionals on staff, helping us understand the physiology of essential oils.

8. Doterra is committed to the support and education of all of its oil users. No one is left behind.

9. Our humanitarian work stretches far and wide through the Healing Hands Foundation and partnerships with Days For Girls and Operation Underground Railroad.

10. Our community seeks to empower and educate. Not bash other companies.

11. We are launching our health clinics all over the USA that will combine western medical doctors with essential oil solutions.

12. Plant based living isn’t a trend. It’s a necessity to stay well. You need to align with a company that will support your health goals.

13. We perform 54 different types of testing to ensure our quality. This goes beyond the organic stamp of approval.

14. Doterra provides us cost efficient and effective solutions to all mental, physical, and emotional needs.

15. On a more personal note, this company has given me a pathway to help others, achieve goals, and make an impact. The pride I have in my works feels like a once in a life time opportunity and I am so grateful.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting started, jump off–my favorite starter kit is this one. And, I can teach you all you need to know and give you a community to rally with.

Let’s do it!

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