Relax It’s Sunday

I think I am in love.

This blend is perfection.

If you need some help releasing and relaxing today, use this blend.

Remember the gift and the sacredness of a day off. It usually fixes everything when you can shut off.

Rest my sweets.

✨Relax! It’s Sunday Blend✨

🌿2 Drops Clary Sage
🌿2 Drops Melissa
🌿2 Drops Wild Orange
🌿 1 Drop Lavender
🌿 1 Drop Roman Chamomile

Blend together. Diffuse or apply as perfume on wrists, hearts and behind ears.

AFFIRMATION: I have all the time in the world. I easily relax. I give myself permission to rest.

Ready to learn more about oils? Check out this guide.

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