Why We Don’t Buy Oils On Amazon

I know Amazon is super easy. And I know the prime shipping is super fast. Believe me, it is almost embarrassing how often the Amazon truck makes a stop at my house. But beware when buying essentials from Amazon!

And yep, you can even buy doTERRA oils on amazon or eBay. Ack! 😳 but it’s no guarantee they haven’t been tampered with.

Did you know that it is super easy to tamper with, refill, and then replace the caps on the bottles with sealed caps that you can also buy on Amazon? 😳 There are people out there that take the dōTERRA oil out, replace with cheaper and less effective and not pure oil, use the doTERRA bottles and basically rip people off. 😳

When you decide to start using doTERRA oils, find a wellness advocate to help you buy directly from dōTERRA, or even better get your own wholesale account so you get the best prices, plus all the perks.

Check out how easy it is to get started! I have a great community of people just like you looking for quality essential oils that are worth investing in and tons of education and mentoring to help you along the way. Plus, you’ll get a welcome package just for you and a free wellness coaching session with me.

I know how hard you work for your money. And, I know you want to invest in the best. And I know how easy Amazon is, but don’t waste your money and feed someone else’s mean streak.

Photo credit—naturally healthy living.

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