This month I am talking and teaching all about balance. I have been asking the question—do you feel like your life is in balance? Does your laughter equal your worry? Play equal to work? Effort and ease? Do you have enough meaning in life? Do you receive as much as you give?

When I ask my seniors this question, most say they wish they had more meaning and purpose or more connections. Many also wish they had more joy. It honestly breaks my heart and gives me all the more fuel to create a balanced life of meaning, love, joy, happiness, purpose and ease!

I realized a few months ago that I was feeling way out of balance. I work a LOT and give nearly everything I have to my people. I don’t have a ton of rest and ease and really needed a break. In addition to teaching yoga to many people with disabilities throughout the week, I am also the primary caregiver to my adult daughter who has special needs. Basically I don’t have a day off. Ever.

But this weekend she went to a two night camp and I headed for the mountains. This is my refreshed and renewed face! I came home feeling amazing and ready to take on whatever comes my way!

It’s amazing what a couple days off will do, eh?


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