Laurel Leaf Essential Oil

Laurel Leaf essential oil is a pretty amazing oil.?

Up until now, we’ve only experienced it in doTERRA’s Breathe blend due to its powerful ability to support and open the respiratory system as well as increase circulation and clear phlegm from the body which makes it a wonderful expectorant.

This oil is extracted by steam distillation from the freshly picked leaves of the Laurel evergreen tree that is native to the Mediterranean.

With a rich history, laurel leaves have long been a symbol of victory in Greek mythology.

Today, laurel leaves are symbols of eternal glory, special achievement, success, and triumph. ?

This oil is known for its bright, spicy, sweet scent. Uplifting to the senses, this aroma can promote confidence and courage when dealing with challenges or new ideas. It also promotes clear thinking, concentration and a sense of fortitude, inspiration, protection, direction and creativity.

Laurel Leaf is soothing to the skin and can provide a soothing massage after workout, as it is excellent for muscles and joint health. It its also High in cleansing eucalyptol, Laurel Leaf essential oil can be used as a surface cleanser, as it is highly antibacterial and anti fungal.

It is an excellent oil for Chakras or energy centers in the body, especially sacral, solar plexus and the hear.

Some of it’s other properties include:

?digestive support

?supports steady heartbeat and calms a racing heart

?lowers elevated blood pressure

?strengthens the immune system

?relieves water retention

and more!

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