Rollerbottles for Essential Oils

Making a roller is the best way to use oils topically. Why?

?using a carrier oil actually delivers the oils into the skin more effectively

?your essential oils last way longer

?you can take them on the go

?easy to customize blends for all ages

Using a 10ml roller bottle, the rule of thumb is 20-25 total drops of essential oils, topped off with a carrier. I prefer fractionated coconut oil. For kids/elderly use half that and for infants 1-2 drops total.

It’s fun to make up remedies or good smells and is an economical way to use your oils!

Always remember to label your blends! You think you’ll remember… but you won’t! Trust me! I buy pretty blank labels on amazon or just use a blank address label and cover with packing tape.

What are some of your favorite custom blends?!

I love these pretty ombré rollers from Oil Life and you can grab a bundle of oils here.

Not sure how to use essential oils? Check out this free basics guide!

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