Love Yourself

The importance of self love is critical to being the best we can be for others. Boy, has this concept taken me decades! I feel like I am FINALLY coming into a place of self-love. True self love. Not the surface stuff.

Sure, I know I do great work in the world and I make a difference but I am talking about the really hard stuff for most women—physical body love.

Since I have been a heavy woman at one point in my life, I know far too well how easy it is to look in the mirror and feel bad about what I see. Here’s the deal—the inner dialogue we have to ourselves about ourselves, ESPECIALLY related to our bodies has to end!

Over the years I have developed some practices/habits that are key for stoking my inner flame of self-love.

Check them out:

?daily walks—typically without music, podcasts or anything that distracts me from the present moment of pure bliss in nature

?journaling—not the blah blah blah type, but a gratitude and positive affirmation journal

?bubble baths—every single day I lay my bod into a bath infused with Epsom salt and essential oils.

?supplements—I take the highest quality supplements (d?TERRA Life Long Vitality) every day. These provide my body with all the proper key vitamins, minerals and omegas without fillers and other stuff. I also take probiotics daily.

?fermented foods—kombucha, kevita, apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut all support my gut, which we now know effects our entire body

?water—And lots of it. I drink approximately 100oz a day. I add grapefruit, lemon, lime or peppermint essential oils (only the purest though!) Tasty!

?jigsaw puzzles—a great way to unwind and let my mind wander. Plus, it is super relaxing.

I also empower women to find their Self through love and encourage many of these awesome habits. To learn all the ways essential oils can support you, check out this handy guide. Not only do essential oils help my body, mind and spirit, but they have also given me a voice in helping others! You can too!

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