Why I Chose doTERRA

Essential oils are everywhere. Even the dollar bin at Target! People ask me all the time why I chose doTERRA over all the brands available.

Seems like everyone is jumping on the oil bandwagon recently, I see oils EVERYWHERE! often I see labels on them like “don’t use around children” or “do not put on skin”. I’ve always wondered why this is the case, then I learned oils are not governed by anyone so really someone could put water and a part of lavender plant in a bottle and label it a “pure” essential oil. This is why I looked for more for my family- oils that could provide medicinal benefits that I could actually use around my child. And I found doterra and am blown away at how they do things. So what makes doterra different?


CPTG standard aka Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade- yes its a term doterra created because they want to let everyone know what standards they are going to follow when they source and package an oil. It is the most stringent of all essential oil standards to ensure there are no contaminants, fillers, or anything harmful in the oils AND they are not diluted. These oils are beyond organic as far as standards go


Sourcing- Doterra travels worldwide to find the purest oils where the plans indigenously grow. Think of it this way would you rather have a pineapple grown in Utah or one grown in Hawaii? The find communities to partner with and pay the farmers a LIVING wage. They also help build schools, running water, housing, health clinics, and more to these 3rd world communities. They oversee the process to make sure that the plants are cared for as they should be- did you know that simply picking a plant during a certain time of day makes a difference in potency? Not to mention that you are using the correct part of the plant that has medicinal qualities


Testing- Doterra runs ELEVEN tests on each liter of oil to ensure it is pure and potent (meaning it has the chemical composition it is supposed to). Every liter is also sent out for third party testing and you can go to www.sourcetoyou.com and put in the lot number from the bottle in your hand to see the 3rd party results! No other company is as transparent as this, they want you to know you are getting the very best!

Medical Research- this is huge! Some of the largest university hospitals in the US (john hopkins to name one) partnered with doterra to do medical research that will be published (or has been) on PubMed. Doterra oils are chosen for this research because of their consistency in the chemical compounds in the oils and the purity. For instance they make sure if you purchase a bottle of lavender today and then purchase one in two years the chemical composition will be IDENTICAL. .

Know that when I talk about oils and how I use them I can only voice how I use doTERRA essential oils as I would not use oils from a health food store in the same manner nor would I expect them to work as well.

Also, PLEASE do not buy oils off amazon- it is crazy easy to reseal these little bottles and sell them diluted or as something else plus you can get them at wholesale with education with no strings attached so why not save more and have the peace of mind that you are getting the real thing!

To learn more about the basics, check out this free ebook.

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