Wellness Wednesday

Wednesday Wellness!

Do you have a wellness goal? A lifestyle goal? Well, if you do this is a GREAT article to keep you motivated and headed in the direction your dreams will take you. You have to know your WHY, whether it is related to your wellness goals, lifestyle goals or financial goals.

Sitting down and really thinking about your WHY is so important! It is also so insightful to what motivates you.

For example, my wellness why is so that I can be of service to others and continue to change lives–so I take care of my mind, body and spirit daily to ensure I am at my best. This includes eating well, good sleep, plenty of water, exercise and of course essential oils.

My lifestyle why is so that I am an example to others, including my family. I want my boys to see that I gave life my all and that they have the power to do the same. I want them to be inspired and make choices that support their lives, too.

My financial why is to create safety and a stable life for myself and my girl. My goals are also to make sure that when I am gone my boys have the financial resources they need (and more) to help take care of their sister.

Big time why’s, eh? What are yours??


Read more here!

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