Internal Use of Essential Oils

I take essential oils internally for so many health benefits but there are a couple things you should know.

? if your bottle does not say “supplement facts” it is NOT safe for internal use (store bought brands will NOT have this, so consider what you may be putting into your body)

? essential oils are incredibly potent so using less is the rule of thumb. It is recommended that adults don’t take more than 25 drops internally per day. (That is a LOT….I tend to take approx 12-15 per day)

? the ways to take oils internally vary; under the tongue, roof of the mouth, in a capsule, in water…I prefer using a veggie capsule

?common sense and safety is paramount when using essential oils in all ways (topically, internally and aromatically)…I started out using oils way too heavy handed and I learned that you can have the same benefits using appropriate amounts versus doubling or even tripling the amount.

Less is more.

Learn more about the basics of essential oils here.

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