Love Language

This has been an incredible month of oils/yoga/love in my world in so many ways. Sometimes I am humbled at the life I get to live and the amazing things I get to witness.


Some may think oils are just hippie stuff or the latest fad, and that’s okay. I know the power of them physically and emotionally. And then when you add in pure love, there is magic. For me, my passion for essential oils is about making a difference in other people’s lives and spreading love.


A dear friend’s daughter has been fighting for her life the last three weeks and I have been so honored to be invited into this intimate scene to rub oils on her feet and hands while she has been in the ICU. This sacred time is so incredibly special to me and I feel so blessed that the family trusts me and my energy with their beautiful girl.


Also this month, the joy and happiness that my beautiful senior citizens felt when I handed them their own little blend makes all the hard work so worth it. For some who have so little, a 5ml bottle of goodness can be so much.


I believe that we each have a beautiful gift (and responsibility) to share light in the world. My way happens to be through yoga and oils…what is your way?


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