I don’t know about you but recently it seems that people I know are really struggling with emotions. This is such a busy time of year and many transitions and types of closures, specifically the changes of a school year or graduation.

When my kids were little I recall a bittersweetness to closing up a chapter. And the big closures like graduation brought out a mix of emotion. Anything from excitement and pride to fear and unknown.

When my girl transitioned out of the public school system it was by far the hardest time. The reality of what IS coupled with the exhaustion of what WAS and being finally done with IEP’s, meetings and hard years of advocating. When my boys graduated I was excited but I was also internally wishing they were still little and I had more of them.

I am also seeing people in my life really struggling with each other. Petty arguments that lead to ending of friendships, parents dying, financial woes, daycare issues, divorces and so much more.

I know for sure wish I would have had access and the knowledge that I do now with essential oils and the power that they have on emotions and our limbic brain as we all move through sticky situations in life.

My fave blend of these unique blends is Console or Forgive. I like the woodsy and floral combo of console as it contains Frankincense resin, patchouli, rose and more. Forgive is an awesome choice when life is chaotic because it is all about getting centered and grounded. This one contains woodsy and leafy essential oils of spruce, arborvitae, thyme myrrh, juniper berry and more. It’s like sitting in a forest. I take these two with in my bag because the come in a handy roller for easy application. They also come in a 5ml bottle for diffusing or topical application.

If the closing of chapters is impacting your wellbeing emotionally, let’s chat. Without care to your heartspace, emotions that are not addressed can lead to physical stuff and then it’s a cycle hard to overcome.

If you’d like ongoing education about essential oils email to be added to my essential oil online community. It’s a great place to learn how to use oils effectively.

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