My Reasons

As we come into mothers day weekend, I come back to what drives me. Even though my kids are all grown up, I still get up everyday with them at the forefront of my intention. Not because I need to provide for them, because I don’t; my men are independent and living their lives with amazing self-sufficiency, and my girl (who is disabled) is taken care of with funding she gets. For me it isn’t about the financial reasons at this point in my motherhood journey. It is about showing them what integrity and service looks like. It is about teaching them that whatever you choose to do with a job or career, do it well and do it with the foundation of making a difference in the world.

My youngest son is a manager of a tire store. He works full time and hustles in a dirty and fast paced environment and he THRIVES. His hands are permanently black and he is doing exactly what he wants to be doing. One may think, how can a job like that make a difference? Well, it is helping the elderly woman out, entertaining a toddler while the dad pays for tires, it is making sure that the tires are on safe for every customer, a smile to an overwhelmed momma with a flat tire and so much more.

My oldest son works for a functional neurologist chiropractor who specializes in concussions. He has found his way and his strength after a rough start to adulthood. He is passionate about what he does and as a former hockey player with several hard hits to the head, he is compassionate to the young athletes who want to be back on the field or the ice but their brain needs rest. He is kind to every patient and his heart is so open to people who are struggling. He touches lives with his bright smile every day.

When I look at my boys now that they are young men, I see the influence that I have had on them and that remains my WHY. It is why I get up each day, regardless of my own struggles, and show them what it takes to live a life of integrity and service. I want to always be their measure when it comes to being a person of honor. I get up every day for them.

Who is your reason?

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