Beautiful Self

I was just sharing the other day that I wish I could sit down with my 30 year old self and have coffee.

I would have so much to tell her.

I would be sure to let her know that first and foremost she is so worthy, regardless of what size she is or how fast she can run. I would tell her to honor her precious body and learn to love and nurture it. I would ask her why she was hiding behind being busy all the time and help her to see that it’s okay to take off that armor. I would tell her that it’s okay to relax and enjoy life. I would let her know that while being serious serves her well, laugh a little more and see the silliness in life.

I would tell her that she has done, and will do, amazingly hard things in life but to trust in the path and to believe in herself…..what would you tell your youngest self??

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