Eating Well and Supplements

Week One—Eat Right
My eating plan includes high fat, low carb and lean proteins. With my busy schedule I do tend to reach for protein bars way too often when I am hustling throughout the day, but I do eat a healthy dinner and limit my snacks.
A typical (dream) day for me is:
*Morning: bullet proof coffee (high fat coffee to jump start my metabolism…fat burns fat), 2 egg muffins (
*Lunch: albacore tuna or roasted turkey “sandwich”–wrapped in lettuce with just mustard
*Dinner: roasted chicken and root vegetables, wine
*snacks: nuts
That is my dream day with food—it rarely happens, but when I make time to prep on Sundays I can make this work. Even with eating clean and healthy, I still choose to take supplements. Over the years I have dabbled in zillions of types of supplements and I was SO grateful when I found doTERRA and they have solid, whole food, no filler supplements in an easy pack.
I take half the recommended dose so the pack lasts me two months. My body tolerates this dose better. My hair is healthy, mood is improved, sleep is good and my overall health is good. My daughter also takes this and I have seen her mood GREATLY improve.
dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack® –#1 product and is money back guarantee. If you don’t like them, doTERRA will return your money. With this monthly pack, I earn points back in products for *free* oils!
As one of doTERRA’s most popular products, doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack is full of essential nutrients, metabolism benefits, and powerful antioxidants designed to help promote energy, health, and lifelong vitality.
Primary Benefits
General wellness and vitality
Antioxidant and DNA protection
Energy metabolism
Bone health
Immune function
Stress management
Cardiovascular health
Healthy hair, skin, and nails
Eye, brain, nervous system
Liver function and digestive health
Lung and respiratory health
Gentle on stomach
Non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free
If you are interested in getting started, send me an email at If you are ready now, go to and click join and save, choose a starter kit and start using great products!
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