Reflections 0f 2017

I was once told that the teacher will teach what he/she needs to learn.  I am spending quiet contemplative time planning for an event that will take place at the end of this year to release and let go, and then welcome a newness for 2018.

I plan to include a sage ceremony, a burning of past ritual and time to create space for new intentions. I find that asking myself the following questions as I review my year to be helpful in holding space for others to do the same.

* How did your love for self, life and others, show up this year in the different areas of your life?

* How did universal love and love from others show up for you this year in all that came your way?

* What did you learn/accept/heal/transform about yourself this year?

* What blessings did this year bring?

* What dreams came true?

* What personal strengths did you discover, apply, or develop?

* What new skills, insights, or wisdom did you gain?

* What served as a catalyst for healing or transformation that you can now be grateful for, even if challenging at the time?

* What can you forgive yourself for?

* What and who else can you forgive?

* What can you let go of (limiting belief, attachment, attitude, grievance…)?

* What achievements and accomplishments can you acknowledge and celebrate?

* What opportunities and synchronicities came your way?

* What ‘lessons’ did you learn?

* What and who are you grateful for that happened this year gone, and why?

* What or who can you let go of? (This may include a pattern, grievance, person, belief, attitude, emotion, attribute, behaviour, story, situation, judgment (against self or other), habit, and so on)

* Where did you courageously step outside of your comfort zone?

* What did you absolutely LOVE that happened this year?

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