Small Business Saturday

Before the craziness of holiday shopping begins consider this. Being a self-employed/owner of a small business has its glory, but it also has incredible sacrifices and hard work beyond the imaginable.

Some might think that being a yoga teacher full-time is “easy”…after all, it is “just yoga” right? Well, my reality is that I teach 18-20 classes per week to incredibly disabled adults and seniors. I have to be “on” every moment; happy, bright, prepared, knowledgeable, aware, compassionate, and ready for anything, including seizures that occur frequently. And then I have to document every class I teach–what I taught, how the participants responded, etc. Then I have to update my invoices daily, prepare for tomorrows class, make sure my music and supplies are ready. Plan to pay my taxes. Spend a lot of my day in traffic driving to facilities. Ignore my own physical challenges. Eat my lunch on the highway.

My day goes on, and then I switch roles and I am daughters CNA at home to make sure that she has what she needs. Although she is really amazing and can do so much, the reality is she is 23 and has a disability.

Three years ago I started using doTERRA Essential oils exclusively in my own health and in my yoga practice. I fell in love with their products and their company. I share the oils with those who are interested, but it is not my full-time home business. It has allowed me to make some money on the side while using natural remedies for my personal and work life.

You see…I AM small business. I work my fanny off teaching yoga and so much more. And I know that I make a difference.

And you can too. Look at the friends in your life that are working hard to make a difference for their families. Buy your essential oils, art, your tote bags, your leggings, your jewelry, your skin care and spa products, your health products, your kitchen trinkets, your kids books, and toys… And everything else you can think of from that friend of yours that you know is working their tail off to make a difference!

I promise you’ll not only get amazing customer service, but you’ll be lifting a person… Lifting their family… And lifting the world.

Support small business Saturday. It really is a way to make a difference.

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