Leaving it on the mat

Sometimes the only solace available is that beloved rectangle.

How many times have you cried on your mat?  Laughed out loud? Experienced frustration?  Almost like a good friend or a therapist, my yoga mat has seen me through a vast array of emotions and situations— heartache, loss, death, happiness, contentment and love.

Following a recently emotional day, I spent as much time as I needed to work through the pain on the yoga mat.  Round after round of Sun Salutations.   As my hands felt the mat, I felt like I was in the comfort of an old and dear friend–the kind of friend who doesn’t judge, but instead just offers an open heart. I moved, I breathed, I repeated a mantra, I stopped to cry, and finally, I found peace.

One round after another I continued until I finally dropped to my knees and wept.  Grateful for my old friend.


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