Inner Strength

Following some emotionally grueling days, I debated about going to a Yoga class.  My mind made up stories as to why I was “too busy” to go.  Instead of listening to those false thoughts, I went to Yoga and it was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.  Not only did I overcome the all too common beliefs that I should not make time for myself, but I had a much needed–and not anticipated–release of emotions.

The tears came following my second set of the posture known as bird of paradise. I was at first taken back by the instant stinging of tears.  As I made my way out the pose and the teacher began to guide us into the next posture, I gathered up my breath and allowed myself to feel whatever I was feeling.  The sobs erupted when I easily moved into the arm balance flying crow. It is not often that I practice arm balances especially ones that I am less familiar with.  Rather than stay within my usual conservative practice, I went where the teacher led me.  My heart rounded inward as the strength in my arms prepared my flight. As I steadied my breathe in the pose, I heard a booming voice of “yeah, that is right……you ARE strength… ARE empowered… ARE capable”.  The tears kept coming.  Months and months of stifled pain pouring out through sweet droplets of tears.

The crying did not cease.  Following the pose, I laid there allowing anything and everything to swell up in me.  The tears kept coming.  I cannot say that I had sadness.  Instead I had a deep knowing of my inner strength that has recently been questioned by fear.  An inner reserve of empowered knowing.  Worthiness that has been stifled.

It was all there for me to bask in. And the best part, I totally embraced it.

Yea, Yoga heals.


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