Creating a Morning Ritual

Creating a morning ritual can be as detailed as your personality prefers to the simplicity of adding one thing to your already existing routine.  For example, if you are one who loves a challenge or thrives on being accountable then creating a morning ritual can be an experience that fuels your fire.  On the other hand, if adding one more task seemed insurmountable then consider tacking on a simple daily mantra to your post-teeth brushing regime.

Why do we need a daily ritual?

1. Rituals grounds us.  Being creatures of habit and rhythm it nourishing our souls to have consistent and almost automatic routines or habits that require minimal thinking. By having a set list of patterns that we address each day we are more inclined to feel less disconnected and more in tune to our start of day.  For some of us it is coffee and the morning news and for others it is a workout or time to reflect.  Whatever your choice is, know that rituals truly do tether you and they help to create a grounded sense of self which in turn helps us be more productive and happy individual.

2. Rituals help us to overcome some of those not-so-mindful hangups that keep us stuck. Consider this scenario: waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual to set aside time to make a healthy lunch, eat a protein packed breakfast and meditate.  This looks way different from rushing out the door grabbing a Pop Tart from the kids uneaten breakfast, hoping that you have a granola bar in your desk and haggling with your family to move faster. One misstep leads to another and the result is often an underfed and overly emotional person. Find what kind of things would nurture you and create a sacred time to do it.  If eating better is something you want to achieve, then your ritual might be prepping the days food.  If being more mindful is your goal then meditation should be as important as brushing your teeth.

3. Rituals help us see that we can overcome challenges. There is nothing quite like the empowerment that comes when you realize that you can.  By allowing yourself the space to work on what you desire and carving out the time each and every day to make those things happen, it is likely that you will see and feel success.  There is nothing like making a choice and then in a short time seeing how easy it really is.

Some ideas for rituals include:

  • meditation
  • journaling
  • affirmations
  • walking
  • prepping your food for the day
  • reviewing your calendar
  • reading a meaningful passage
  • connecting with your partner and/or kids
  • completing the daily crossword
  • steeping tea or brewing coffee
  • prayer
  • a simple yoga practice

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