Coffee or Tea?

A visit to the doctor last week brought up the familiar conversation about coffee. Not coffee itself but the fact I was drinking too much. Although my diet is clean, and even cleaner since eliminating sugar and wine, giving up coffee seemed insurmountable. I practically have to close my eyes when I add in my *gasp* artificial sweetener to my third cup of the morning. The horror of the knowing of artificial sweetener.

Determined to not be at the mercy of a silly little bean, I left the doctor with a sense of challenge. Bring it on. Coffee versus me.

The recent days I have gone from four to five cups of coffee to one. It’s a glorious one cup nonetheless.

What has helped me overcome this has been the return to mindfulness. Whether it is hot water, herbal tea, or my newest fave, rich black tea the choice is available. Still caffeinated I know, but better. In addition to reducing coffee I am reducing, and almost eliminating sweetener.

I love what this has done for my morning; the act of choosing a tea, prepping the steeper or unwrapping the bag, then waiting. All slow and all mindful versus the slosh of pouring the coffee as fast as I can into my oversized mug. There is something special and calming about waiting 3-5 minutes for the tea to become perfect.

The week of reducing coffee has brought a surprising newness to my morning. Maybe it’s the ritual or maybe it’s the challenge. Either way I am on it and I’m already feeling much lighter and much cleaner.

What about you? Coffee or tea?

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