My Daily Essential Oil Regimen

Essential oils do two things for me…..well, at least there are two things that I am consciously aware of.  1–They smell great which makes me happy.  2–They provide my body with an alternative to help reduce aches/ discomforts and other ailments which get in the way of happiness! My daily regimen of oils looks something like this:


  • I fill my diffuser with something bright and uplifting like a citrus blend and peppermint.  This combo lifts my mood, wakes me up and alerts my mind to the coming day.
  • I apply Balance and Frankincense to the bottoms of my feet.  This evens out my mood and grounds me.
  • I apply On Guard to the bottom of my other foot.  This helps my body ward of environmental threats and smells great.
  • I apply Elevation to my heart and my wrists. This blend increases my happy factor and the scent is amazing.
  • I take Life Long Vitality supplements. I have never been more energetic, and more vibrant and have less overall aches.  These gems are dōTERRA’s number one selling product and I can easily see why.


  • Another round of Balance and Frankincense to the bottoms of my feet.  This takes the hectic energy of the day and subdues me.
  • I apply another dose of On Guard to bottom of other foot.  All the germs I come into contact throughout the day are squelched by this awesome blend.
  • Second dose of  Life Long Vitality supplements. I have found optimal results for me is when I take the recommended dose as directed twice daily.  Once a day I felt better, twice a day I feel AMAZING.
  • I diffuse Serenity blend while I read and settle into the evening.
  • I apply Vetiver to the bottoms of my feet.  This oil puts me into a deep sleep and I rest well.  I often have “vetiver dreams”–vibrant and often very vivid dreams.  I take a break from this oil about every seven days to keep the sleep benefits at their best.

Sometimes I add in some Ylang Ylang if my body feels off balance hormonally or throw some rosemary and lemongrass into the diffuser to freshen up and make my space super clean. It may seem like a lot of oils or time applying, but it really is not at all.  The time it takes is less than three minutes morning and evening and the slowing down to love my body a little bit it way worth it to me on so many levels.  Besides the great self-care, I am also not taking over the counter medications, using toxic air fresheners, or relying on exhaustion to give me a deep sleep.

Way worth it in my book.

Oil on, people.

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