Seasonal Stress Tips

For many it is impossible to not feel stress during the holidays.  Shopping, wrapping, cooking, the expectations of others, holiday parties, and staying healthy are just a few of the common stressors of the season.

It is a common misperception that one cannot have holidays without stress.  Certainly the time of year can be chaotic, but maintaining your practice can be what holds you steady.  Try this:

  1. Start your day off with gratitude.  Breathe into the simplicity that you are alive and all is well.
  2. Prioritize yourself.  Make time each and everyday for at least thing that serves your soul.  A walk around the block, a bubble bath, time at the gym, time alone, a good cup of tea, or read a chapter in a  book. Make the time.
  3. See the joy.  It is everywhere.  Smiling children, sparkly lights, couples arm in arm, excitement in the eyes of others.  This may be one of the few times of year when people are experiencing more joy than any other….take it in.
  4. Be generous.  With your time, your energy and your actions.  Give to others that have less without judgment, offer to help someone, and be willing to spend time with someone who is lonely.
  5. Stop and observe. Take time to actually look around. Observe others, observe yourself. Look for goodness in others.  Truly look.

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