Letting Go

Observe how the trees shed their summer bounty one by one. Each leaf lets go.  The leaf has served its purpose and it now ready to release. No resistance.

Imagine the burden that you have been carrying; doubt, anger, a grudge, fear, anxiety, weight, sadness, regret.  See that it is time to let it go.  Envision what it would feel like to release the grip on what you have been holding onto.  Know and trust that the time is now.

1.Take a walk outside and find a leaf that remains attached to the branch and gently tug it from its grip.

2. Sit quietly with the leaf in your hands. In your mind, place the burden on the leaf.  Imagine that the leaf is now holds the doubt, the fear, the anger.

3. When you feel free from the burden, release the leaf in to the air and watch it float to the Earth.  It is now released into the ground to settle to then become new and vibrant energy in the spring.

4. Notice the lightness of being within you.

5. Be grateful.


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