Opening to Yoga

So you have decided to take the Yoga class that you have been avoiding for months if not years. Consumed with doubt about your flexibility or unsure if the whole ‘quiet your mind’ is something you will find useful, new yogi’s typically dance around reasons as to why they cannot seem to make the time to unroll the mat for the first, or second time.  Often unsure about what to expect and perhaps even anxious about their bodies and its ability to bend, avoidance becomes the way. Daunted by images of people folded into unattainable and painful appearing postures, first time Yogi’s  generally head into the class with much trepidation. In truth, what often happens is that the discovery is much less about bending and way more about opening.

Consider this when you venture into your practice:

1. Show up. Choose a class and commit to go.  Show up.  Unroll your mat.  Arriving  on your mat is often the hardest.

2. Tell the truth. Your body can be your greatest teacher.  Listen to the ways in which your body speaks and be honest.  Avoid competing with others in the class simply to feed your ego.

3.  Let go of expectations. Set aside any goals and simply enjoy the experience.  Expectations are really premeditated disappointments so choose to leave them at the door. Instead, feel your body and feel your breath.

4. Be open to any outcome. An open heart and an open mind is the key that unlocks the door to personal peace. Whatever you experience on the mat is perfect.  Any outcome is perfect.  Be open.

The amazing thing is that each of those guidelines can be applied off the mat.  The practice becomes the way.



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