Embracing Change

We are constantly evolving and changing.  Our taste in music, clothes and food change seasonally or over time.  Our bodies change as we age or as we gain strengths in skills.  We yearn for new things, which can be considered a desire for change and yet we resist the less obvious transitions.  We want to hold onto relationships that may not serve us,  we push back against situations that encourage us to adapt, and we even scoff at seasonal changes.

Consider instead of resisting, embracing the changes that occur around you.  Look around and see what changes surround you currently; trees, plants, butterflies, your aging hands, your desire for fall flavors.  All of these are indicators that changes are happening, and all is well.

Embrace the changes around you, and within you. Here is a few ways to get started:

1. Notice.  Pause and look around at what you see.  See the growth, the colors, the movement, the changes.

2. Recall your first.  Your first Yoga class, your first solo vacation, your first successful interview, your first date.  Oh my, how you have changed.

3. Practice change. Rearrange some furniture or try a new recipe.  Get out of your comfort zone and purposefully change something within your familiar environment.

4. Embrace change. Take a step back and really notice how you feel. Begin to see how easy it really can be to embrace change.  images

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