Shifting your perception

It seems that more often than not the world is in a constant perception of lack and limitation.  The perpetual stories that are told about not enough time, not enough money, not enough flexibility, not enough sleep, not enough knowledge, etc.  This continues despite most of us knowing that our thoughts and words cultivate the perception of our reality.  By thinking and speaking limiting belief statements,  eventually those sharp words actually do result in the feelings of lack and limitation.  Remember, that our natural state of being is one of harmony.  Negativity does not cultivate harmony.

To shift your perception of lack and limitation, try following these subtle, yet powerful guidelines:

1. Start your day on the positive note. When you open your eyes in the morning, pause before leaping out of bed.  Just pause.  Breathe.  Remind yourself that this is a brand new day full of opportunity.  Rather than complain that you didn’t get enough sleep, be grateful for the soft bed and your present surroundings. Pause again.  Breathe in the morning.

2. Notice. When you walk outside for the first time today, before hurrying to get in the car or rushing to catch your mode of transport, look around.  What do you see?  The abundance of fall color?  The vast blue sky?  The flock of geese? The brisk air? The sun rising? The hustle and bustle of life around you?  The sound of children on a playground? Laughter?  The world around us is vibrant and filled with abundance.  Notice.

3. Random acts of goodness. We have all heard about the nice guy at Starbucks that buys coffee for the car behind him.  How about going out of your way to give random acts of goodness that are free; a smile to the person at the stoplight, helping someone open a door, picking up a dropped item, complimenting another person, making eye-contact with the clerk.  Purposeful and intentional interactions of goodness.  When you vibrant goodness it is impossible to feel empty.

4. Catch yourself and then choose. Challenge yourself to change any statement you think or say to be positive.  When you find yourself saying “I don’t….” catch yourself and try changing it immediately to “I choose”.  The belief “I don’t have enough time” can be completely reframed to ” I choose to _______ “.  Remember, we are designed to live in balance.  If you truly are so busy that you have no time for joy, by saying you choose to overwork yourself you may discover just how horrific that sounds that you begin to make changes in your life that will support a harmonious state of being. “I choose to spend my money on_____”, rather than “I don’t have enough” is another example of negating the idea of lack.  By speaking statements that offer empowerment with your choices you will begin to recognize all that you really do have.

5. Finish the day grateful. As you settle in for the night, take five minutes to review your day; who did you see, what did see today, when did you feel joy, what did you do to stoke your fire of empowerment, how did you find balance today.  When you review the goodness, your mind will settle into a space of gratitude and you will find that the lack and limitations you once focused on, are less apparent.

Congratulations, you are beginning to wake up to your life and own your beliefs.




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